New Floors!

Here are the much-anticipated pictures of our new floors.  We love them!

(don't worry, the carpet squares are gone now)

Storm Damage

We got through the hurricane relatively unscathed.  We lost a bradford pear in the front yard and had a leak in our roof that will have to be repaired.  We never lost power, though, and the horses just stuck their butts to the wind and ate through the whole affair.  The worst of the storm was from 2 - 6 am, so I wasn't able to take any pictures during that time frame because it was so dark out.  I took some Saturday morning, though.

water damage to our ceiling

bradford pear down

still windy Saturday morning

Thanks to everyone who emailed and called to check on us!


Good day at work...

You know it is a good day at work when the ice cream truck shows up and it is free.  Woohoo!

Oh, and we get out early (noon) tomorrow for the hurricane.


Mother Nature

So I guess you have heard of Irene by now.  As in HURRICANE IRENE.  We are very excited (nervous) about the possibility of our first hurricane.  This afternoon I was sitting at my desk looking at the latest projected storm path (and working, of course) when I noticed my chair and computer monitor shaking.  And they kept shaking.  That's when I realized how lucky I am.  I mean, how many people get to experience an earthquake and hurricane in the same week?

ps.  I will post pictures of my new floors (that I absolutely love) soon.  Maybe after the hurricane...



I have run out of things to say.  My life is so completely boring that I have nothing to post about.  I am a slacker who has already given up on my blog.

Okay, not really.

The truth:  this is the time of year when I hardly have time to sit down and eat, much less blog.  We have finally started to get rain on a regular basis and that combined with 90+ temps equals everything growing out of control.  I am too ashamed to show you a picture of my (weed) garden.  The only garden plant surviving is the watermelon.  I have one more big one I'm waiting to pick and then I'm done.  That's not to say there aren't plenty of other plants growing in the garden, just not plants originally planted by me.  Oops.  :)

We are also in the midst of a home-renovation of sorts.  We are getting new flooring installed everywhere except the kitchen and bathrooms.  Very exciting, yes, but it means we have to move almost everything out of our house and then back in again in a few weeks.  I think it is difficult to have a real appreciation of how much stuff you have until you need to move it.  My arms were definitely appreciating it this weekend.  I will try to take some before and after pictures during all the chaos to share.