Winter Goals

I cannot believe that winter is almost here.  I don't like cold.  I don't like staying indoors.  I especially don't like short days and long nights.  Boo.  I have realized that I do much better (ie don't get depressed) when I have a project for the winter.  Last winter my project was studying (yuck yuck yuck).  The previous winter I trained for a half-marathon. (That got snowed out.  In Myrtle Beach.  Go figure.)  So what will I try to accomplish this winter?  What will keep me off of the couch and away from the life-sucking television?  Two things (so far):

1)  I will dust off the tread-mill and try to stay in shape (implying I already am in shape...kind of)

2)  I am going to make a barn quilt.  I am so so sooo excited about this project.  Even though we don't have a big fancy barn (it's going on my run-in shelter) and only 8 or so people will ever see it (dead-end gravel road), I still can't wait to make it so I can see it and smile every day.  I haven't decided on a pattern yet, but I'm pretty sure the color purple will be involved.  In case you are not familiar with barn quilts, just check out www.americanquiltbarns.com.  Here are some pictures from their website:

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  1. I love it! if I had a barn, I would totally do that too! so cool. can't wait to see pictures of yours.